DS88 online sabong betting 6t casino diamond sabong Tips


6t casino diamond sabong ds88  online sabong betting

Sabong is a very old game that still exists in the gambling industry in the philippines because of its popularity.

Still sabong make thousands of people excited. The game starts with two roosters. The rooster represents the team or players. The player will place the roosters in the sabong pit and they start fighting.

Rooster will fight. A sharp blade will attach to the rooster’s leg so to add more excitement. The fight will continue until one rooster will down.

Online sabong is now popular because of the pandemic situation. So you don’t need to go out to bet for sabong. You can simply sit on your sofa and access your mobile or laptop then access 6t casino for online sabong.

6t casino is an online casino game platform that is famous for slot games. Now we are added the diamond sabong to give more excitement to our active players. You can enjoy high-quality video through 6t casino and bet with us. So each of your pesos is worth it.

6t casino is a legal betting platform that obeys all rules by pagcor and 24×7 customer service .Always provides the best offers in the gambling industry.

how to register in 6t casino for diamond sabong 888(DS88)

6t casino is famous for the online sabong we have a dimond sabong88-like platform to provide you the best experience using European transmission and serial connectivity technology 6t casino is able to provide the best online live betting experience in the philippines.

nonstop cockfighting with 24/7 lives along on 6t casino DS88.no worries about betting on 6t casino because we have PAGCOR licensed online casino. we are legal. you can use multi-platforms to watch online sabong.6t casino user interface will support mobiles, tabs, laps anything so you can watch it immediately.

the registration on 6t casino for dimond sabong88 goes like this.



step 1 : go to the official site of 6t casino->6t game zone and click on join now


step2 :fill up the personal details such as account no(gcash), password, and mobile number.  invitation code( is optional) and finally verification code. Click on register. you are done with the 6t casino registration.


step3 :now click on  the dimond sabong88 


step4 :there will be an interface with four areas. live broadcast, a betting area, game history, and account information.

enter the live broadcasting and start betting on sabong. simple!

Online Sabong philippines rules in 6t casino

There are 4 major sections for the online sabong in the 6t casino. Live broadcasting, a betting area, game history, and finally

Account information. In the 6t casino live broadcast, you can see how the cockfighting is

Progressing .You can see each and minute detail with crystal clarity high-quality video. Which will help you to win your bet online sabong. Also, the announcements will announce here so you will never miss any of it. The betting area of 6t casino diamond sabong

Will consist of three sections. The players can choose wisely.Red blue and tie( green color) are the available options for the roosters. You can bet on 6t casino with a minimum amount of 100 php.You can increase it according to your confidence level.

.The game history of the 6t casino will provide you with the details of the winner so you can simply analyze the box and make your predictions wisely.

The account information of 6t casino dimond sabong will provide you with all details about the betting amount, deposits, and history. And also 6t casino will show your entire bankroll in the right-most top corner .So you always will be aware of how much you are spending on the games.

What is the meaning of meron and wala in 6t casino diamond sabong88?


Meron (red ) and wala (blue) represent the rooster’s grades. Meron will represent the high chance of winning possibility and wala will represent the low experienced rooster which means the low chance of winning. And there is a third category which is draw, when the two roosters will not win then it’s a draw or tie(green).You can bet on them according to your faith in the rooster.

The meron roosters have considered the healthy ones raise in a good atmosphere with all healthy circumstances which will increase the winning chances. Also, the meron’s owner possesses a huge influence in the sabong market. The merons leg will tie with a red band.Wale will be totally the opposite of meron. Their leg will be tied with a blue band.

Online Betting on diamond sabong88 (DS88) on 6t casino

Ds88 on 6t casino ave two-phase. First phase is said to be “The ulatan phase. And the second one “Is the ruweda” phase. After these phases,

The cockfight will start. The ulatan phase in 6t casino is the period to determine the cocks match accordance with their physical structure such as size, health conditions, etc. In this phase they match the matching cocks for a fight. Also, insert the blade in the rooster’s paw.

The second phase occurs in the cockfight pit( sabong pit). The second phase consists of the betting period we can bet on roosters in this period. The casador will introduce the roosters here. After that, the players will place their bet here, and to trigger a fight the master of the roosters will peck each other.

During this time the opposite player can understand the strength and capacity of the rooster. So they can plan wisely. Once the sabong officially started all bets will close. The cockfight will continue till the end .It can last for several minutes or hours .It’s all up to the rooster’s strength and capacity.

In 6t casino ds88, there will be a sentisydor(referee for the cockfight) who will control the whole situation. The roosters will fight with their all strength by directly raming or slowly hovering around. And uses the blades to take down the opponent. If one of them or both failed to fight back the sentisydor will lift them up from land and let them fight by pecking each other. The one who will not fight back against that rooster consider the winner. And in some cases there will be a tie. A tie is a situation where both the cock cannot fight back and a bet on such a situation is very very rare. Betting on diamond sabong at 6t casino will advantage you in many ways. Our betting experts will give you the best tips to win your bet. And you are always aware of how much you spend on the game .So in this way you will not lose your financial balance.

Other than sabong 6t casino offers different kinds of bonus offers that you can claim easily and effortlessly. 

Betting tips by 6t casino betting expert on DS88

Some of you may be new to the sabong so you will always be curious about the winning strategy .So it’s always better to consider some tips and tricks while you betting on sabong. Just don’t bet on sabong out of the blue because it will explode your bankroll. You need to calm down and know what’s going on!


You can simply go through the free sessions provided by 6t casino. S in this way you will get some experience and yours analyzing capacity will increase gradually.

 Analyze the rooster during the “Ruweda” phase. Yes, you need to be very vigilant during this period constantly watch and analyze the cock behavior. And find its nature. Determine how much smart the cocks are. During this period some of the cock will show more aggressive than usual so the newbies will think that.

This one is going to win! But the real fact is that size and appearance is doesn’t matter. Intelligence matters! Some cock remains to be silent until the real fight begins they are the killer silent in the game. Make a calm ambiance and restore the energy to fight back with full-on power.

They will be very focused and fight back irrationally. They will be stable and patient. They will observe the opponent and fight back with perfect attacks and dodging. So the real task is to determine who is the ”  killer silence” and then bet on them. By watching the free-loaded videos on 6t casino you can easily detect who is the “Killer silence” rooster.

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