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The 6t game zone is brimming with fish games that pay real money. These games allow you to earn real money. 6t Game Zone is one of the Philippines’ most generous online casinos, paying you in gcash for your online games. Other than bonuses, the 6tph has a slew of enticing features that will entice you to join them.

The fish game is the most appealing of them all because you can win a lot of money while playing one of the 6t game zone fish games.


The bombing fish game is a great cartoon shooting jili slot fish game with a lot of prizes.

in comparison to other fish games This e game is both simple and powerful at the same time. The storyboard is simple enough for anyone to understand.

This is how the game works. There will be a blue ocean with many fish, including golden fish.

in relation to sharks You only need to set your target and shoot them. More shooting equals more money. and the prize will be determined by the size of the fish. Small fish will pay the least, while large fish will pay the most.

To stay with big fish, you must spend more bullets in this fish game. which is more expensive.

So, how are you going to make this fish game work in your favour? at the lowest possible cost?

We will show you how to earn online casino real money Philippines by using 6t game zone!

Tips and tricks for bombing fish game let's make you rich!

Before you play any online casino game! You must attend to minor details. which will give you an idea of how to play the game.

The very first thing is “THE THING THAT YOU ARE DOING RIGHT NOW!”

yes reading about the game .

Before you play on any 6t game zone or any online casino, it’s always a good idea to learn about the game.

Knowing the game gives you an idea of how to deal with it.

and what are the unique features? how to obtain it

how to pick your weapons What types of weapons are being distributed?

How to get points and everything. There are numerous fish games available, but don’t assume that they are all the same and simple.

Before making any decisions, read reviews like this one and get the best tips. So let’s get started with the bombing fish game tips and tricks!

You must use the innovative golden bombs and the torpedo mode to win the ultimate prize in the bomb fish game. by utilising

With a golden bomb, you can easily bombard the battlefield and kill your target. To obtain the ultimate prize, release the torpedo for a massive attack similar to attacking the ocean king. You will enjoy the fish game because 6t game zone bomb fish game jili slot has a high graphic mode and the fish will look more like cartoon characters. so you can have fun while earning online casino Philippines gcash

Bombing fish game modes are more like an epic game

the bombing fish game has different types of rooms for play say three. you can choose among any of them to play now. each room has its own features and free weapon for the player you can choose wisely. the available three rooms in the bomb fish game are joy hall, regal hall, and golden hall.

this room has 1 to 10 rooms for the players and it has only one feature which is ocean king.

 contains 1 t0 80 rooms for the players so more chances to win and compared to joy hall there are special features added in this room that are the awaken boss feature loaded with free nuclear bombs .so you can execute a massive attack to win your ultimate prize with no sweat.

and this room also includes the bounty games

this hall is the most advanced one among the other halls which contain 10 to 100 rooms for the player. this fish game hall has a awaken boss as well as a free nuclear bomb and added with 1200x bounty game prize.

Bombing fish game special fishes

you can find out special features for the bombing fish game in the 6t game zone. Functional fishes, golden fishes, immortal boss (ultimate fishes)by killing these legend fishes you can make a big win


General fish


they are the normal fishes like molly, clown fish, turtle, jellyfish, prawn, octopus, piranha,

manta ray, shark, mermaid, and bigger the size bigger the prize.

Golden fish

golden clown fish, golden manta rays, and golden sharks are golden fish that have higher payouts than the general fish.

Drill bit lobster

this fish is one of the most powerful ones once it showed the drill bit lobster’s drill billet

will penetrate through the fish to kill and the fish eventually will explode. each fish kills in the game will add to

the multiplier and all kills count in the final multiplier. if in some case any disconnection occurs you still can get the point according to your current

score. the game state will not save while disconnection so you need to make sure that there is a well-established connection before you start playing at the bomb fish game jili slot

at 6tph. else your extra bonus and points will be lost .so keep this in your mind and play well.

Thunder consecutive( lightning chain)

lightning chain triggers a massive area attack so you can kill the fishes in a certain radius through a thunder chain. it’s a chain reaction.

Serial bomb crab

this is also like a lightning chain it’s a serial attack within the area of the radius where the fishes accumulate in the ocean

so you can catch fish from that particular area for your big win.

Deep sea fish

using a nuclear bomb or golden bomb to kill deep fish will give you a chance to win the deep sea pearl.

and the multiplier will be 666. deep sea fishes are -turtle, octopus, pirana, and tiger prawns

Immortal boss

golden toad and lobster king are the immortal bosses of the bomb fish game in the 6t game zone jili slot.

so attacking an immortal boss will give you an opportunity to win continuously.

Multiplier puffer

there are three immortal ocean king multiplier puffers are available in the bomb fish game at the 6tph jili slot.

small puffer, medium puffer, and large puffer. so when you shoot them their size will increase from small to large and finally if you hit the larger one you will get more points. higher the fish higher size. so make it bigger then shoot it down.

Awaken boss

golden dragon, crystal crab, and fortune turtle are the awakened boss who is the king of the bomb fish game in 6tph.

shooting down any of them will increase your chance for a big win. the golden dragon is the ultimate among them. so when a golden dragon appears you can use your all wepon to

shoot it down so you will win the grand prize.

Bounty crab

boundy crabs are available in joy hall as well as the regal hall. these star crabs will payouts up to 30x. and the bonus crab in these halls will 

payout you 600x to 1200x.

Bombing fish game ultimate weapons use-where?-when?

It’s also important to know about the key features in a fish game that will help you to earn online casino real money  Philippines. and where to use it. When to use? How to target? All these are important to win the game.

Golden bomb

the golden bomb is used for a massive attack on your target. the golden bomb will consume your bet time by 50

.and make a small-scale explosion in the fish game battlefield. so you get the chance to kill any type of fish in that explosion

so make the right move before using the golden bomb. when the fish ground is filled with big fish then use the golden bomb

always remember “bigger fish: big win online casino Philippines gcash”


to kill the large fish you can use the torpedo. by clicking the torpedo the bomb fish game launches the torpedo mode

after that click on your targeted large fish on the screen. and fire! each shot will deduct your bet times by 10. so always keep this mind that doesn’t waste torpedo

in small fish if you are new to the 6t game zone bomb fish game. wait until a big fish appear and attack.

Free nuclear bombs

you can use the free nuclear bombs for massive attacks. the specialty is they are free. no deduction from your bet time

the energy bar will fill with energy while the player fires on a fish or during the attacks. once

the energy bar is filled then you can release the nuclear bomb for the attack. note that if the energy bar is filled for a straight 3 minutes the system automatically uses your free nuclear at random.


so use it before your system uses it. so u can aim for a big win. and also always make sure that you have a well-established

internet connection.because if the game is disconnected your energy bar will be cleared automatically. so don’t lose it or waste it. this nuclear

energy bar is a conversion of your bet amount .so the release of this bomb will calculate using the bet at that time. so make sure that you are sufficient.


Epic trick for epic e game :special trick to earn real online money casino philippines by 6t game zone betting expert

when you signup for this game bet a decent amount in order to get more and don’t use the nuclear bomb from the start just wait for a little and use the other weapons stated above .and use the bet time deducting weapons only when a large fish appears. go for the awakening boss, immortal boss,fuctional fish, and golden fish instead of general fish.


use the powerful bomb on ocean king so you win big. always use the shots on fuctional fish so you can kill the other fish within the radius. and trigger on a fuctional fish when the radius is filled with large fish. as I said above free nuclear bomb is a ratio conversion of your bet amount. so before you start your game check the energy bar and keep it at a constant rate after that make shoots that do not deduct your bet times.

 in this way you can increase the free nuclear energy bar level since it depends on your amount of firing. then don’t fill the energy bar quickly because it will automatically use by the system if the filled energy bar lasted for straight

3 minutes. so wait for an immortal boss, the ocean king. awaken boss to appear. and when they appear fill your nuclear bomb. and fire. use the golden bomb and fire. shoot on the special fuctional fishes and also don’t forget to shoot on boundy bonus crabs .which pays out more.

so you need to analyze the energy bar by betting different amounts and know on which amount the bar gets almost filled. this will help you to shoot an awakened king with no loss of bullets and bet deduction time.


bombing fish game is one of the best games in 6t game zone and more games are waiting for you in 6tph.

you can play jili slots anywhere, on any site but why 6t game zone? of course we have special features other than these game bonuses,

we provide newbie bonuses for our new customers. Whether you lose or win you will get this newbie bonus. if you lose your game you don’t need to worry about it.6tph will provide you with a rescue bonus. 

6tph never let you go empty-handed. this is a token for 6t game zone active players. and you can be a VIP member at 6tph so you can have more bonus and monthly gifts, birthday gifts, and a lot more. Finally, referral bonus, if your friends’ circle is big then you can refer them to 6t casino to play and earn real online money casino.

fish games, epic games,e games, slot machines, and more to claim the bonus. so what are you waiting for play now real money earning games philippines on 6t game zone.

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